Prayer for the Mahavidya, Shodashi:

Great Heavenly Mother, create in me a temple
that is strong and pure, a mind that seeks after
truth, and a spirit that thirsts for enlightenment.
Balance these parts of myself so I may walk along
your path with harmony as my companion.

As Passion Took OverIndia
Philadelphia Museum of Art
From Tantra Song.
Miniature tantric painting from Rajasthan arrived today. ⚡⚡
Here are Kali’s “28 dazzling tongues.”
Jamme says this is a “meditation on the possible and necessary balance of things.”
This work refers to the Kali, the goddess of time, who represents destruction and death.
This painting represents the three gunas or conditions of existence, says Jamme. (In medieval Europe, he notes, black white and red were the three fundamental colors in alchemy.) “Here, in the form of small candles, each has its own capacity to illuminate.”
"The purer the consciousness, the bluer and clearer the sky."
A tantric paintings of a linga.
Anonymous, Legend: In Search of the Center, 2008.
Anonymous Tantric Painting, On the four directions, 2006.
Anonymous Tantric Painting; Portrait of Kali, the Goddess, the “Black One”. 2007.
Tantric Drawing.
I just ordered Tantra Song. I am so excited.